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Manchin will not support Democrats' voting rights bill, he says in op-ed

Sen. Joe Manchin wrote in on opinion piece published Sunday that the For the People Act is too partisan for him to support.

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Manchin to oppose voting rights bill pushed by Dems

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin on Sunday announced that he intends to oppose a sweeping voting rights bill backed by the majority of his fellow Democrats ...

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Manchin says he will vote against Democrats' sweeping voting rights bill

The decision by the moderate West Virginia Democrat essentially guarantees the legislation will fail to pass in Congress.

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Manchin pens op-ed explaining his opposition to Democrats' sweeping voting rights bill

Manchin pens op-ed explaining his opposition to Democrats' sweeping voting rights bill

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Kamala Harris to Lead Democrats in Pushing for Voting Rights Bill in Congress

President Biden met with survivors of the 1921 attack in Oklahoma, one of the worst outbreaks of racist violence in American history. The Biden administration said it would suspend oil drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that were issued in…

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Voting rights bill For the People Act advances in Senate over GOP objections

Democrats claim the legislation is necessary to counter new voting restrictions being considered by multiple states.

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Why some Democrats are unhappy with the For the People voting rights bill

There’s a debate over whether some of the For the People Act’s provisions are misconceived.

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'An inflection point': Congress prepares for battle over massive voting rights bill

Democrats gear up for a Titanic battle over voting rights amid restrictive Republican-led laws.

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'Shame, shame, shame': Schumer, McConnell clash in hearing on major voting rights bill

Senators Wednesday debated the For the People Act, one of the most expansive election reform measures introduced in Congress in decades.

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House passes sweeping voting rights bill over GOP opposition

The bill would restrict partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts, strike down hurdles to voting and bring transparency to a murky campaign finance system that allows wealthy donors to anonymously bankroll political causes.

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House Democrats pass HR 1, their massive voting rights bill

The bill still faces a steep climb in the US Senate.

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Trump proposes new voting limits, rails against "monster" voting rights bill

Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday laid out a variety of election proposals, such as limiting absentee voting and days when Americans can vote, in ...

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