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Long COVID, rest, and helping our immune systems recover

Dr Khan on why we need to identify those at risk of long COVID and understand the underlying causes of the illness.

Source: Al Jazeera English


Climate Change Breaks Plant Immune Systems. Can They Be Rebooted?

When temperatures rise, plants mysteriously lose their ability to defend against invading pathogens—but there may be a fix.

Source: Wired


Kids infected with more viruses after lockdown weakened immune systems

Children are becoming infected with up to three different viruses at the same time after widespread COVID-19 lockdowns eviscerated their immune systems, doctors have warned.

Source: New York Post


Children infected with three viruses at a time because COVID measures have worn down immune systems

Medical experts are seeing children with a surprising number of different viruses inside them, which they believe is partly due to the children not being exposed to usual viruses, thanks to pandemic precautions.

Source: Daily Mail


Attractive people have better immune systems, study says

In a study published Wednesday in the academic journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a team from Texas Christian University looked at 159 participants who were students at the university or members of the surrounding community.

Source: Fox News


It's all about looks! Attractive people have better immune systems, study of blood tests finds

Traits traditionally linked to attractiveness, such as a symmetrical face and bright eyes, may be signs the body is better at fighting infection, a study of blood tests has found.

Source: Daily Mail


How to boost kids' immune systems: Doctors say there's more to keeping kids healthy in winter than taking supplements

Do gummy vitamins and elderberry syrup really boost kids' immune systems? Experts say there are better things to focus on when it comes to kids' immune...

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Covid Updates: C.D.C. Urges Those With Weakened Immune Systems to Get Additional Shots Sooner

Data also showed that booster doses are most beneficial to older adults. And the Winter Olympics opened in Beijing with a ceremony chilled by temperatures and the pandemic.

Source: New York Times


CDC plans to let people with weakened immune systems get a booster earlier

That means allowing a fourth Pfizer or Moderna shot at three months instead of five.

Source: The Washington Post


Study Using Mice with 'Humanized Immune Systems' Help Suggest why COVID-19 Makes some Sicker than Others

Yale researchers have conducted an experiment on “humanized mice” to try and get insight into why some people experience more severe symptoms than others when contracting the COVID-19 virus. The study found a link between the body’s inflammatory response to i…

Source: Sara A. Carter


Proteins taken from SHARK immune systems can prevent COVID-19 and its new variants

Antibody-like proteins found in a shark's immune system can not only prevent the coronavirus, but also the delta variant and the omicron variant that is currently spreading across the world.

Source: Daily Mail


Discovery Points to a Crucial Role Red Blood Cells Play in Our Immune Systems

The job description for a red blood cell isn't considered to be overly complicated. Pick up oxygen, drop off oxygen. Wash, rinse, repeat. But when it comes to protecting the body against infection, it's their white cell sisters that we've been giving

Source: ScienceAlert


‘Left behind’: For those with weakened immune systems, vaccines have not provided same freedoms

For many people with weakened immune systems, vaccines have not offered the same degree of relief and return to normalcy as they have for those with no underlying health conditions.

Source: NBC News