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MSNBC's Brian Williams blasts Joe Manchin as living in world 'of his own imagination'

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, who lost the NBC Nightly News anchor position for fabricating a journalism war story, blasted Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., this week for living in a world “of his own imagination.”

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West Virginia's Democratic drama goes beyond Joe Manchin | TheHill

The political drama in West Virginia goes well beyond Sen. Joe Manchin (D).Fissures within...

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'Squad' Dem Cori Bush to Joe Manchin: Fall in line or 'get out of our way'

The progressive Squad is lashing out at Sen. Joe Manchin after the West Virginia Democrat announced his opposition to congressional Democrats' highest priority piece of legislation, known as the For the People Act.

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Joe Manchin’s hard no on voting bill leaves Democrats seeking new path

The West Virginia senator has stated, in an op-ed, that he will not back the For the People Act unless it has bipartisan support

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Manchin of Supporting Republican 'Voter Suppression'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) had found an area of "common ground" with Republicans by supporting "voter suppression" on Monday.

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The left hates Joe Manchin. His fellow Senate Dems are staying quiet.

Yet angst is quietly rising inside the Democratic caucus over his approach. “Of course I’m frustrated. Who isn’t frustrated?” one Democratic senator said.

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Chris Wallace grills Joe Manchin over 'naive' hopes for bipartisanship

"By taking it off the table, haven't you empowered Republicans to be obstructionists?" Wallace asked.

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Joe Manchin’s plan to protect voting rights, explained

Manchin’s idea won’t fix America’s democracy, but it could solve some pretty significant problems.

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Joe Manchin says he's 'not a roadblock' to Biden's agenda but won't be a part of 'blowing up' the Senate

The West Virginia Democrat has refused calls to reform or eliminate the filibuster and hasn't put his support behind Biden's infrastructure plan.

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Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin endorses GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski for reelection

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin endorsed Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Friday, bucking his own Democratic party and underscoring Murkowski's reputation as one of the few Republican moderates left in the Senate.

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Democrat Joe Manchin opposes eliminating or weakening the Senate filibuster under any circumstance

Source: CNBC


China sanctions wife of Joe Manchin, other US and Canadian officials | TheHill

China has placed sanctions on a handful of U.S. and Canadian...

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Biden nominates Sen. Joe Manchin's wife to federal commission

President Biden has picked the wife of an extremely influential U.S. senator for a federal commission post, the White House announced Friday.

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Joe Manchin and the filibuster will decide if Biden succeeds on climate change

A clean energy standard rests in his hands.

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Joe Manchin pours cold water on push to gut filibuster

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin rejected major changes to the Senate rules that have long been sought by liberals seeking to gut the filibuster, the latest sign of the high hurdles facing proponents who are eager to weaken the power of the minority …

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POLITICO Playbook: Decoding Joe Manchin

And the House takes up the Covid relief package again.

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Joe Manchin opens the door to filibuster reform

Sen. Manchin’s suggestion for changing the filibuster: “Make them stand there and talk.”

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Delay in Senate on relief bill was an attempt at more bipartisan support: Sen. Joe Manchin

Source: ABC News


How Joe Manchin Brought the Senate to a Screeching Halt

The Senate majority had an agreement Friday morning. They just hadn't looped in a certain key centrist senator.

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Joe Manchin, Crucial Stimulus Vote, Pushes Senate Dems to Give Fewer People $1,400 Checks

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that Biden is still open to lowering the income threshold for the direct payments.

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Joe Manchin opposes Neera Tanden, endangering Biden's nominee to lead budget office

The West Virginia senator cited Tanden's past tweets, which he said would have a "toxic and detrimental impact" on the relationship between the OMB and Congress.

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Is Joe Manchin America’s most powerful senator: What really happens with 50-50 Senate tie?

West Virginia Democrat is one of the most conservative members of his party in Washington

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Sen. Joe Manchin says Covid bi-partisan relief plan is an emergency package, ‘not a do-all, end-all'

Sen. Joe Manchin, author of the bipartisan $908 billion stimulus plan, explains why he's calling it an emergency package.

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Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin met with Trump's Supreme Court pick

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia met with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in the Capitol on Thursday evening, an aide told CNN, making him the first Democratic lawmaker to do so.

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Joe Manchin and head of postal service union warn of possible post office closures

Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, told the postmaster general in a letter he received reports from his home state about post office locations scheduled for closure or a reduction in services.

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