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Counties with highest COVID infection rates in Ohio

The vaccine deployment in December 2020 signaled a turning point in the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of May 2021, 40% of the U.S. population was fully vaccinated.



Top Biden health officials sound warning on rising covid infections

Those living in communities in the yellow or orange warning levels are urged to wear masks and take other steps to protect themselves.

Source: The Washington Post


COVID infections hit 5,600 a day in Florida. But is it a new wave?

Experts don’t anticipate that rising COVID-19 cases will turn into a delta or omicron wave. But there are concerns about summer.

Source: Tampa Bay Times


People Are Getting Repeat Covid Infections More Often

Source: Bloomberg


Unvaccinated North Korea Locks Down After Reporting First Local Covid Infection

North Korea, which hasn’t vaccinated its population, imposed a lockdown in all its major cities after it reported its first local case of Covid-19 more than two years after the pandemic began.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


As COVID infections rise, DPH says Connecticut is 'beyond mandates'

The rolling 7-day positivity rate is now 11.2% and all eight counties are either medium or high risk.

Source: FOX61 Hartford


Rising Covid Infections And Hospitalizations Increase Concerns

Though a week ago, the U.S. recorded a “pandemic low” for hospitalizations, a recent climb in Covid infections is starting to raise concerns. The CDC is urgi...

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At least 58% of U.S. population has natural antibodies from previous Covid infection, CDC says

Roughly 58% of people in the U.S. now have antibodies from previous Covid infection, demonstrating how widespread the virus was during the winter omicron surge.

Source: CNBC


San Franciscans React to News of Rise in COVID Infections

The COVID-19 test positivity rate in San Francisco has risen above 5 percent for the first time in two months. Max Darrow reports. (4-23-22)

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COVID symptom: COVID infection may increase risk of rare eye problem

COVID-19 could lead to more rare eye clots

Source: Deseret News


COVID Infection After Age 50 May Increase Risk for Shingles

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27 states report rise in COVID infections in past 8 days

In California, COVID cases are up 78% in the last four days, but there has been no increase in the critical number of hospitalizations. Jonathan Vigliotti is...

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Covid infections show signs of plateauing in UK

Nearly 4.9 million people would test positive for coronavirus, according to the ONS.

Source: BBC News


Shanghai's 26 mln people in lockdown after tests uncover COVID infections

Chinese authorities extended the lockdown of Shanghai to cover all of the financial centre's 26 million people on Tuesday, after city-wide testing saw new COVID-19 cases surge to more than 13,000 amid growing public anger over quarantine rules.

Source: Reuters


COVID infection: Signs you have a weak immune system

A weak immune system is like a passive invitation for germs to invade our body. The body's sole defence mechanism, the immune system, always remains alert against foreign attack. It memorises the pathogen and protects the body from future attacks. Usually thi…

Source: The Times of India


Myocarditis risk higher after Covid infection than Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, CDC finds

Even among the highest risk group, teenage boys, the risk of cardiac conditions was higher after Covid infection than Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.

Source: CNBC


Covid infection associated with a greater likelihood of Type 2 diabetes, according to review of patient records

A review of hundreds of thousands of VA patients who had covid found they are significantly more likely to develop type 2 diabetes within a year of infection, even if the infection was mild.

Source: The Washington Post


Shanghai's Disney resort shut amid record daily local COVID infections

China's financial hub of Shanghai reported on Monday a record daily surge in local COVID-19 infections as authorities scrambled to test residents and rein in the Omicron variant, while closing its Disney <a href="" targe…

Source: Reuters


China locks down province of 24m as new Covid infections rise

Jilin residents ordered to stay at home and reservists sent to disinfect streets as 1,437 new cases reported across China

Source: The Guardian


Possible case of deer-to human Covid infection identified in Canada

Researchers say its unlikely that the variant found in deer could bypass vaccines, but urge better monitoring of Covid in animals

Source: The Guardian


COVID infection increases risk for dangerous heart problems, study finds

Problems include stroke, heart attack, myocarditis and irregular heart rhythms, according to the study.

Source: CBS News


Is a cardiac crisis looming? Heart disease risk spikes after COVID infection.

VA researchers found many who had mild infections developed heart disease up to a year after having the virus.



Covid infection increases risk of mental health disorders, study finds

Researchers note need to follow patients after recovery for any emerging disorders

Source: The Guardian


Can I Go Back To 'Normal' After Having A Breakthrough COVID Infection?

Here's what experts know about immunity and protection from reinfection if you're vaccinated and have recently had omicron.

Source: HuffPost


Omicron's 'fat tail:' Why aren't COVID infections falling faster?

Florida’s omicron wave isn’t receding as quickly as experts had hoped.

Source: Tampa Bay Times


Covid infection could put you at risk of an irreversible condition warns new study

ALZHEIMER'S disease is linked to specific proteins accumulating in the brain. A new study has found that COVID-19 can cause the same proteins to accumulate.

Source: Express


COVID Infection More Protective Than Vaccines Alone In CA

STUDY: Those who had been previously infected and were vaccinated had even more protection against delta, according to a new report.

Source: Avon, CT Patch


CBD may prevent COVID infections, study finds

This is the second study published this month having to do with cannabis compounds preventing the coronavirus



Hawaii sees 4,473 new COVID infections, 2 additional deaths

Over the last 14 days, the state said there have been 58,521 COVID cases detected.

Source: Hawaii News Now


Ready for a Covid infection? How to stock your home and medicine cabinet for coronavirus

Here's what you'll want to have on hand if someone in your household contracts Covid-19.



Vaccinated people with prior COVID infection had strongest protection during delta, CDC study finds

Source: ABC News


Omicron variant symptoms: This symptom could predict COVID infection

What omicron variant symptoms predicts COVID-19 infection? Which omicron variant symptoms mean you have COVID?

Source: Deseret News


Covid infection can cause debilitating brain condition that causes more damage than Alzheimer's

Researchers at NYU found that some elderly people who were infected with Covid were developing a condition that caused them more brain damage than Alzheimer's does.

Source: Daily Mail


Amid surging COVID infections, state will suspend reporting of negative cases

Despite the soaring case loads, one key pandemic benchmark appears to be slowing: hospitalizations.

Source: Hawaii News Now


India's third wave of Covid infections is expected to blunt growth in the near term

But the overall economic impact of the third wave of infections is expected to be less severe and less disruptive compared to the previous two waves.

Source: CNBC


How Long Are You Contagious With Omicron COVID Infection? Here's What Health Experts Say

As more children remain in classrooms across Chicago and omicron cases continue to surge through the city, people are asking how long they’ll be…

Source: NBC Chicago


Cannabis compounds may stop Covid infection, study suggests

Researchers say hemp may prevent coronavirus from entering human cells.



Even Mild COVID Infections Can Have Lasting Impacts Like ‘Chemo Brain,' Study Finds

Much has been written about 'COVID Brain' or 'COVID Fog,' but a new study confirms even mild infection can have neurological impacts that last for months.

Source: NBC New York


Nasal spray could prevent Covid infection for up to eight hours

A new nasal spray treatment - developed by scientists at the University of Helsinki may be able to give high-risk people immunity from COVID-19 for up to eight hours at a time.

Source: Daily Mail


UCSF's Dr. Bob Wachter Details His Son's Recent COVID Infection, His Own Worry

While UCSF Department of Medicine Chair Dr. Bob Wachter has mostly been a sunny and optimistic voice through the pandemic, he sounds a bit shaken by a case of Omicron that hit close to home: his 28-year-old son.

Source: SFist


4,578 new COVID infections confirmed; 3 additional deaths

The latest fatalities raise the state’s coronavirus death toll to 1,105.

Source: Hawaii News Now


COVID Infection May Significantly Increase Risk Of Diabetes In Children: CDC Study

The findings stress the importance of vaccination and other prevention strategies like masking.

Source: HuffPost


Can you catch Covid twice? Doctor explains likelihood of double covid infection

"Just because you get one strain of the virus doesn't mean you'll get another one," Dr. Shajahan said. "If you had Covid, you might think you're good but keep in mind this virus is still around and if it’s around, it can still continue to mutate."

Source: FOX 2 Detroit


US reports record numbers of COVID infections l GMA

Cases of children hospitalized due to COVID-19 are on the rise leaving many schools grappling with how to stay open.SUBSCRIBE to GMA's YouTube page: https:/...

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Florida hits record 42,600 COVID infections a day as omicron rages

The omicron variant was discovered in the state a month ago and is already driving a leap in infections and positivity rate.

Source: Tampa Bay Times


With COVID Infection Numbers Surging, Health Experts Say N95 Face Masks Offer Best Protection

Sparkly masks, superhero masks -- there are many choices, but experts say it's not about fashion. We need the best protection when it comes to the super contagious Omicron strain.



Allegheny County sees COVID infections spike 'alarmingly' - Pittsburgh Post


Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Spurred by Omicron, Europe Sets Covid Infection Records Every Day

The surge of cases is causing chaos as people scramble to obtain tests, businesses grapple with staff shortages and New Year’s festivities are thrown into question.

Source: New York Times


Florida Covid infections skyrocket as treatments remain scarce

The latest weekly rate of newly reported Covid-19 infections from the Florida Department of Health was 13.8 percent as of Thursday.

Source: Politico


Record number of COVID infections reported in King County

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More than 1500 COVID infections were reported in Hawaii for 3 days in a row

Christmas Day 2021 marked the third day in a row for four-digit COVID-19 infections in Hawaii, and the positivity rate continues to increase on every island. The omicron variant is doing exactly what health officials have been predicting — doubling infections…

Source: KHON2


Omicron surge leads to 151,915 new COVID infections- just 39,000 fewer Christmas Day 2020

Christmas Day COVID figures show that the United States has recorded a total of 151,915 new infections - just 39,000 fewer than on December 25 2020.

Source: Daily Mail


Fully Vaccinated Individuals at Risk for COVID Infection With Omicron Variant – Columbia Study

New Study Adds More Evidence for Omicron Immune Evasion Results suggest that previously infected individuals and fully vaccinated individuals are at risk for infection with the omicron variant, and omicron is completely resistant to all antibodies in clinical…

Source: SciTechDaily


You have a breakthrough COVID infection. Now what?

Source: Google News


What should I do if I get a breakthrough covid infection?

From at-home care to evaluating an emergency, here's what to do if you get a breakthrough coronavirus infection.

Source: The Washington Post


Hawaii reports 961 new COVID infections; 2 additional fatalities

Over the last 14 days, the state says there have been 6,485 cases detected.

Source: Hawaii News Now


Increase in Costa Rica Covid Infections: Authorities ask for Vigilance :

The latest headlines and information from Costa Rica including breaking news, weather, travel, events, sports and more.

Source: The Tico Times


Omicron Could Triple Covid Infection Risk on Flights: IATA Adviser

Source: Bloomberg


Holiday Party In Larkspur Leads to 28 COVID Infections, Omicron Suspected

A holiday party in Marin County ten days ago where all attendees were vaccinated led to an outbreak of at least 28 cases of COVID, and health officials believe the Omicron variant was to blame.

Source: SFist


COVID infection when fully vaccinated gives you ‘super immunity,’ study suggests

Source: Google News


Governor urges vigilance, precautions amid 'alarming' surge in COVID infections

There were 797 new COVID cases Friday, the highest single-day case count in the islands since mid-September.

Source: Hawaii News Now


The First Sign You Have a COVID Infection, Say Experts — Eat This Not That

“These 5 COVID-19 symptoms have remained very prominent: fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, or body aches,” Dr. Khubchandani says.



Study suggests past COVID infection may not fend off omicron

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — South African scientists are warning that reinfections among people who’ve already battled COVID-19 appear to be more likely with the new omicron variant than with earlier coronavirus mutants.

Source: Associated Press


U-M study: Natural COVID infections provide protection against reinfection, two variants

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that natural COVID infections provided some protection against reinfection in a community in Nicaragua.

Source: WDIV ClickOnDetroit


Hear from Dr. Fauci as Covid infections reach 95000 daily cases

CNN’s John Berman and Dr. Anthony Fauci discuss how Americans can celebrate Thanksgiving safely as the US Covid-19 case rate has risen to around 95,000 new c...

Source: YouTube


Study finds gradual increase in COVID infection risk after second vaccine dose

A study published by The BMJ today finds a gradual increase in the risk of COVID-19 infection from 90 days after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Source: Medical Xpress


WHO says fully vaccinated should wear masks and physically distance as Covid infections surge

The WHO's chief said the majority of reported Covid cases worldwide are in Europe, but added that "no country or region is out of the woods" just yet.

Source: CNBC


Gottlieb says breakthrough Covid infections more common than people realize due to weak monitoring

Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC that people should get boosters as soon as possible because breakthrough infections are occurring more than the public realizes.

Source: CNBC


US Covid infections rising again as upper midwest sees biggest jump

Increase comes ahead of Thanksgiving as families gather in homes, and as winter approaches, forcing people indoors

Source: The Guardian


Hawaii reports 206 new COVID infections; 6 additional fatalities

Over the last 14 days, the state says there have been 1,526 cases detected.

Source: Hawaii News Now


Hawaii reports 226 new COVID infections including backlogged cases; 7 fatalities

The state Department of Health said the count includes approximately 70 backlogged cases.

Source: Hawaii News Now


Minnesota, Michigan have worst rate of new COVID infections in the country

One of the country's top infectious disease experts says some of Minnesota's county vaccination rates are still only in the 40% range.



Once-healthy kids face symptoms months after COVID infection

Source: msnNOW


Covid Infections Rise In Parts Of U.S.

Covid infections are on the rise in some parts of the country, but in good news the White House says that about 900,000 kids ages 5-11 have gotten the Covid ...

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COVID infection rates slowing among kids in Washington state, but new reports show they’re still at record highs

Source: Google News


CDC director says kids with a prior Covid infection should 'absolutely' still get vaccinated

Kids who had Covid should still get vaccinated, as scientists don't know how strong or long-lasting the antibodies are, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

Source: CNBC


COVID infection, hospitalization rates in Washington state begin to plateau — but numbers are still too high, officials say

Source: Google News


Vaccinated? Four factors could increase your risk of COVID infection

Vaccinated two or three times? What are your chances of still contracting the virus and which four factors can reduce or increase your risk of being infected?

Source: The Jerusalem Post


COVID infections, deaths dropping across the Americas -health agency

COVID-19 is slowly retreating across most of North, Central and South America, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said on Wednesday, reporting that last week the continent's death and infection figures were the lowest in over a year. Many of the larg…

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42% of COVID Infections in RI Are in the Vaccinated – Ten Deaths Reported in Past 3 Days

In the past week, both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Advisory Committee approved the use of third, ‘booster’ doses of the Moderna and J&J COVID vaccines. This follows the approval last month of…

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New estimates show 50% drop in COVID infections in Washington, according to state report

Source: Google News


What to know about your risk of a serious or fatal breakthrough COVID infection : Shots - Health News

With high-profile stories of vaccinated people dying from COVID, how worried should you be about getting a serious breakthrough case? Here's how the data shake out.

Source: NPR


United Kingdom: Covid infection rates remain stubbornly high | Britain | WION News | English News

Despite mass vaccination program against covid 19, the infection rate remains stubbornly high. Contrasting sharply with its European neighbors.#UnitedKingdom...

Source: YouTube


The UK has one of the highest Covid infection rates in the world right now: Here's why

The U.K.'s speedy vaccination rollout was widely praised, but now the country is seeing almost 50,000 new Covid cases a day.

Source: CNBC


With 70% of state fully vaccinated, 140 new COVID infections added, 4 new deaths

Over the last 14 days, the state reported 2,208 cases.

Source: Hawaii News Now


Bill Clinton in California hospital with non-Covid infection

Former US president ‘on the mend and in good spirits’ after being administered IV antibiotics and fluids

Source: The Guardian


'Unacceptable': Vaccine rollout fears as COVID infections rise exponentially in children

Source: Yahoo Entertainment


36% of COVID Infections in Rhode Island Are Now In Vaccinated People

The Rhode Island Department of Health reports a running cumulative total of post-vaccination (“breakthrough”) COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in vaccinated individuals. The most recent report shows that as of October 6, 2021, there have been 7,…

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Sure Signs You've Already Had a COVID Infection | Eat This Not That

These are the main signs of a COVID infection: fatigue, shortness of breath, pain syndromes, loss of smell, and cardiovascular disability.



Michigan sees rising COVID infections as cases drop nationwide

Much of the United States is seeing a promising decline in COVID-19 cases, but Michigan is not one of them.

Source: WDIV ClickOnDetroit


Natural Covid infection produces a stronger secondary immune response than the vaccine, study claims

Memory B cells continue to evolve and get stronger for at least several months after natural infection, producing antibodies that can neutralise new variants. Vaccines induce less B cells.

Source: Daily Mail


I Had a Breakthrough COVID Infection, and It Made Me Even More Grateful For the Vaccine

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I Had a Breakthrough COVID Infection, and It Made Me Even More Grateful For the Vaccine

When COVID-19 first emerged as a threat in my area, I shut it down - and by that I mean my family of six closed up shop. No more trips to the store or get...

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I Had a Breakthrough COVID Infection, and It Made Me Even More Grateful For the Vaccine

When COVID-19 first emerged as a threat in my area, I shut it down - and by that I mean my family of six closed up shop. No more trips to the store or get...

Source: Yahoo Entertainment


I Had a Breakthrough COVID Infection, and It Made Me Even More Grateful For the Vaccine

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As childhood COVID infections hit pandemic highs, experts urge vaccination and testing

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Florida COVID infections continue to drop; lowest positivity rate since June

Florida’s Department of Health reported 37,772 new COVID-19 cases over the past week, the smallest weekly total since the first week of July.

Source: WJXT News4JAX


The booster effect? Israel's Covid infections plummet nearly THREEFOLD in a fortnight

EXCLUSIVE: Israel is recording fewer than 4,000 infections each day now compared to more than 11,000 at the peak of its third wave on September 14.

Source: Daily Mail


Breakthrough COVID Infections: How Long Are Vaccinated People Contagious?

Here's what experts know so far about the timeframe for spreading the virus.

Source: HuffPost