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Former Capitol Police chief describes "frustrating" call with Army official about reinforcements

Steven Sund accused an Army official of being "more concerned with optics" than sending badly needed help to the Capitol last week.

Source: CBS News


Capitol Police Chief Says Pleas for Backup Were Ignored

Source: New York Times


Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund's request for National Guard backup was denied, he says in interview

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund says his requests for National Guard assistance before and during the riot were repeatedly turned down.

Source: USA Today


Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Requests For National Guard Denied 6 Times In Riots

Steven Sund said officials denied or delayed his request for assistance from the National Guard six times before and after the U.S. Capitol riots had already started.

Source: NPR


Outgoing Capitol Police chief: House, Senate security officials hamstrung efforts to call in National Guard

Even as rioters violently overran his forces, Steven Sund said in an exclusive interview, the sergeants at arms for the House and Senate took more than an hour to approve his request.

Source: The Washington Post


Capitol Police chief resigning amid criticism over pro-Trump mob

U.S. Capitol Police Steven Sund is resigning amid scrutiny to the department's response to a group of rioters who stormed the Capitol in protest of President Donald Trump's election loss.

Source: NBC News